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24hr Support while on tour

We provide support and advice from the minute you book your trip to enable you to make the most of your time away. While on tour you will benefit from a Tour manager in the lead car giving instructions and a back marker car in case you take a wrong turn or have issues with your vehicle.


What type of car do I need?

All cars are welcome on the tour. For safety we need proof your vehicle is Insured, taxed & MOT'd for the duration of the trip. Remember these trips are expensive, long & some locations are remote so a reliable car means you will get the most out of the trip. Nobody wants to be at the roadside. 

We can advise on how to do some preventative maintenance if required.

How do I find my way?

All our customers receive a loan Sat Nav with pre-loaded routes. This mean if you don't want to stay with the group you can make your own way at whatever pace, maybe more time taking photos or drinking coffee on a mountain top. 

Keeping in touch

We provide a handheld powerful radio which is yours for the duration of the trip. The radio is predominantly for safety and giving directions on route etc.

What's included?

All our customers receive a Motörhead's tour shirt per person and a Roadbook. Details of what else is included is described in the information for each trip.

If you’d like more information about our trips, get in touch today.

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